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Simply register below to become an Affiliate, once your registration is approved you will receive your invite-only registration code. Once you have input your registration code, you will then receive exclusive tools, video training and support to help effectively build your business. Then you are ready to start sharing! 
1. Get paid every time someone you share the app with acquires a token. When this FREE app is released, every Affiliate will have the ability to share it with others, inviting them to download and join in the fun. When they download the app from your invitation, they will be linked to you. When players linked to you acquire a game token, you earn a commission.

Game tokens can be earned for FREE by viewing sponsored advertisements or players can skip the ads by purchasing tokens one-at-a-time or in bundles.
3. Build an Affiliate team and earn as their player network plays. United Games offers a multi-tiered commission plan, allowing you to generate income through your own player network, as well as creating a team of Affiliates, receiving a commission on their player network. Starting today until early fall 2016, you can strategically put your Affiliate team in place before the United Games app is launched.  
2. Get paid when you invite others to play with you. When the app is released, you will have the opportunity to invite others to play with you. When you invite people to play, and they spend tokens on that game, you earn a commission.
3. How much money could I make as an Affiliate?

There is no limit to an Affiliate's income potential, especially due to the global, viral nature of the app world today. As you share the app and play with friends, chances are they will invite their friends to play too and so on, causing a snowball effect. You then receive a commission on each of these players as they join in the game! 

When you build a team of Affiliates, this potential grows exponentially. 

4. Enroll in the affiliate network

To become a United Games Affiliate requires a ONE TIME enrollment cost of $29.99 plus $9.99/month technology subscription. 

Both of these fees will NOT be charged to your card until the app launches fall of 2016.  Allowing you to begin building your business for FREE!

This is a beta release price only. Starting in the fall, with the launch of the app, this will change to $39.99. 

These credit pre-authorizations will give you access to unique Marketing Tools and training that will help you build your Affiliate team, 

enabling powerful features such as:  

  •  Send automated text and email invites with unique access codes from our system.
  •  Access exclusive sales tools to help market and build your business.
  •  Exclusive training on how to quickly explode your affiliate and player network.
  •  Manage your Affiliate team and track growth.
  •  Track your contact's activity.
5. When will the app be released?

Our app will be released in the fall of 2016. This is going to be a fun, interactive sports experience, and we are giving an exclusive group of Affiliates a chance to get a head start. Will you be one of them? 

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